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Joe Shelley is a man of God! I have known Joe for more than twenty years. He has been through many trials and tribulations, but with the help of the Lord, his faith has never faltered. It has grown deeper. Life's experiences have taught Joe many things, but most of all, he has learned to trust in God and walk closely with him. This book is well worth reading and keeping near at hand. There is so much evil in the world that fathers need to be wise and walk closely with the Lord to survive and give guidance to their children. Joe has shown us the way to do this. "A Father's Approval" is written from the heart! God will bless you as you read it."

~Dr. Robert W. Otto, WWII Prisoner of War and Author of "A Walk with God"


So much of what I teach and share in my books and seminars is to help people discover their greatness. Joe has written a book that explores the impact, both positive and negative, a father makes in the life of his children. His insight into this subject of a father's approval will provoke you at the core of your being. This book provides you vital tools to find healing in your relationship with your father and your children. Once you read "A Father's Approval", you will see things differently and make choices that positively influence your role as a father.

~Brian Klemmer, author of the best seller "Compassionate Samurai"


A number of years ago, a friend of mind found an advertisement for workers needed to work on the Al-Can highway. It was hidden by brush and debris. When he cleared it away, he found that the sign said, "Wanted men - We Mean Men - None else need apply!" The sign was intended to lure men who could face the harsh winter conditions of the Canadian and Alaskan Tundra. I have found Joe Shelley to be such a man! Not with the weather conditions of the tundra; but with the harsh realities of life. I have found him to be a "Man of Godly Character" and who is unashamed to pour his life into others who need help. He especially has a heart for children. His life has modeled the chapters of this book. The focus of this book is founded upon the principle that fathers are the most important commodity in shaping the lives of children. The material included in this book is time immemorial truths that Joe has walked out in his life. They have proven to be the foundations upon which lives can and will be changed in families around the world.

~Sherry Thompson, Women's Ministries Director, West Florida District of the Assemblies of God


My wife and I had the pleasure of knowing Joe Shelley and his family for over ten years. As his Pastor, I've been able to not only watch him as a husband and father to his own family, but have witnessed him being a father to many other people, young and not so young. Joe shares valuable insight in his book "A Father's Approval" from his own life story of pain, hurt and loss. Instead of getting bitter, Joe got better. As you follow along with Joe through the book on his journey in seeking his father's approval, it will grip your heart and soul. The chapters that Joe talks about 'Unintential Hurts' and 'Dealing with Offenses' are not only experiences that Joe had to deal with, but he gives the reader several practical steps and insight to bring freedom to the reader as well. I would recommend "A Father's Approval" to not only every father, but to mothers as well, to assist them in parenting their children or grandchildren. This book will give you Bible-based instruction written from a man who has dared to be vulnerable and transparent so individuals can learn from his journey.

~John MacPherson, Pastor, Zion Christian Center, Spokane, Washington


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